Fireman hose in hands, fighting a fire


We are pleased to offer your preference of finish on our painted products. Finish options include Gloss, Satin or Matte.

All unpainted castings will be filed to remove any flashing and provided well packed for you to assemble at home.

All miniatures are cast and made to order, and we are happy to accommodate custom requests or additional parts within reason. Please let us know when you place your order.

Fleurbaix Toy Soldiers was founded and created by my father in 2008 with the idea of resurrecting some of the most well-known toy soldier brands of the last 100 years. The brands under the Fleurbaix banner are Rosedale, V.C. miniatures, Sanderson miniatures, Under two Flags, HM of Great Britain, Music in Miniature, Toy Army Workshop, JG miniatures (figurines), Ward toy soldiers, Burlington Toys, Mountford metal miniatures, Ducal toy soldiers, Rose miniatures (Egyptians and Gladiators), even some of Tommy Atkins. By obtaining all these companies (the largest acquisition of toy soldier brands our hobby has ever seen), my father has created a lasting legacy for everyone interested in toy soldiers.

All miniatures cast are from the original moulds and masters. As such, these miniatures are not to be re-moulded or recast.

  • Model: FFB2